Punp Unit


API 11E  C series of pumping units
Product overview:  
API C series of oilpumping unit is a kind of conventional beam pumping unit with the crank balanced method , and it is the most common and in the most extensive application of ground power device in the rod oil  production.
The product conforms to the API Spec 11E oil pumping unit specification and other relevant standards, and attains API Monogram using license .
Technology characteristics:  
1.The using of modular design and virtual manufacturing technology to make product structure optimizated and parts with high degree of "standardization, generalization, seriation" .
2.Studying on finite element analysis of key structure with stable performance and high reliability.
3. The speed reducer adopts symmetrical shunt type involute or double circular-arc herringbone gear transmission, with good sealing, low noise, stable operation, reliable and durable.
4. the operation is simple, easy maintenance and long service life.
Main technical parameterss:

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