Casing centralizer

Casing centralizer
Product overview:
Casing centralizer is one of the necessary conventional casing accessories, upon well operations completion, the rational use of casing centralizer can play the role of:
Reducing lower casing resistance phenomenon, making the casing smoothly down to the design position;
Making casing centralizer centered within the well|;
Reducing the sticking phenomenon to make the annular space hydrostatic pressure balanced;
Reduce channeling, improve the mud replacement efficiency, thus improve the cementing quality.
The reset force of double bow type centralizer is higher than that of single bow centralizer, centering centering performance is better than that of single bow type.
Instructions and notices:
Welding type centralizer cover on the casing from male threaded end,  according to the length uniformly distributed.
spring type centralizer adopts pin connection, the method of entering to the well is the same as above.
When casing centralizer slides into the well eye, the speed must be slowly and evenly.
Casing welded centralizer technical parameters:

Casing spring centralizer technical parameters:



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