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Cyclone desander

Cyclone desander
Product description: cyclone desander is an oil well pumping tool used for oil well with heavy sand.
Cyclone desander utilizes the principle of cyclone, gravity sedimentation, when the mixed fluid in oil wells goes from the liquid inlet hole into the body under pressure, the liquid inlet hole is processed to the direction along the cut, then go through build arm made spin, thus producing hydro cyclone, that is high angular velocity, in the same angular velocity, because of the different density of solid, liquid, it generates different centrifugal force, producing the outer vortex and vortex inside the desander,  high density solid particles producing outer vortex, which flows down along the inner wall of desander, and then through the lower joint of sand hole into the tail pipe;   Cyclone in settling device form low voltage movement because of the high speed, through the center hole of made spin arm into the barrel, into the sand filter, conducting secondary filter. The filtered liquid goes into the pump, and then pull out of the ground, and sinking sand through sand hole goes into the tail pipe, when reach a certain height, release sand to the artificial hole bottom.
Technical parameters: 
 1, diameter size:Φ 108mm  Φ90mm;
 2, length: 1970mm, 1430mm;
 3, can be separated particle size greater than 0.05mm .
 4, high strength, no blockage, reusable.

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