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Screen pipe

Screen pipe
1.ordinary drilling screen pipe:

ordinary drilling screen pipe is used for simple sand control tool of oil, gas, water wells, connected to the pump, tubing and casing end, for some large size of sand and solid impurities, playing the control effect.
2.laser slotted screen pipe:

laser slotted screen pipe adopts ontology J55oil pipeline processing, with high strength, not easy to deformation, thus overcoming the "chaos" phenomenon easily appearing in underground process of the wire wrapped screen, effectively improving the sand control effect. This product is suitable for the sand particle size is greater than that of 0.2 mm sand control wells with good verticality cutting edge, smooth cutting edge, no burr, kerf uniform and filtering accuracy being adjusted according to the size of sand formation.
3.wire wrapped screen pipe:

wire wrapped screen pipe is widely used in oil, gas, water and sand control industry, its position in the water well industry is particularly important, is one of the most widely used in various water filter screen. This product is mainly body joints, wrist, wire winding tube and an inner tube. Liquid flow is from the outside to the inside, through the wire winding tube gap filter via the inner tube holes into the wire wrapped screen cavity. Because the screen section is trapezoidal, the gap is always outside small and inside large, very favorable filtration and washing. Wire wrapped screen length and filtering accuracy can be customized according to requirements. Besides, V type, wedge type and other types are available.
4.multilayer sand control screen:

the sand control filter is mainly composed of central pipe, copper wire cloth filter layer, thole outside protective pipe, using the copper wire cloth filter achieves the purpose of sand control. This product is suitable for land and offshore oil and gas wells, wells, vertical wells, horizontal wells, sidetracking wells as well as steam flooding well.
Excellent anti-corrosive performance :
Central tube adopts API standard casing or oil tube. precise punched slotted screen jacket adopts stainless steel 304. Central tube can adopt anti-corrosive casing or oil tube according to special requirements of high concentration Cl- well containing H2S, CO2. Screen shall be resistant to acid.
alkaline and salt corrosion.

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