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Spiral gas anchor



Spiral gas anchor
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1-up joint  2-exhaust pipe  3-Single valve 4-Gas collecting cover 5-outer tube  6-Spiral blade 7-bottom joint
Product Description: This product is used in pumping wells with high gas oil ratio to reduce gas influence on the pump efficiency.
The structure includes the upper joint, a exhaust pipe, single flow valve, gas collecting cover, the outer tube, spiral blade and the lower joint.
 Working principle: oil and gas mixture through the screen into the joint, to the annular space between the spiral tube and the outer tube, along the spiral surface going uplink, under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid flow along the spiral side going upward, through the annular space between outer casing and gas shield, being discharged from ground by the pump, gathered in the spiral side and formed "gas cap" in the air cover, opening single flow valve through the exhaust pipe to discharge .
Technical parameters: maximum outside diameter: Φ88.96mm
Connecting thread of both ends  2 3/8”、2 7/8”、3 1/2”EUE/NUE
Length: 4000mm
Gas oil ratio: >0.3%
Product size parameters can be customized according to customer needs.

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