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Water Jacket Heater

Water Jacket Heater 
Product description:
Water Jacket Heater is widely used equipment special for oil production and gas transmission in oil and gas field and compared with other models, the products have the characteristics of oil (gas), water heating up fast after the ignition, keeping temperature for long holding time after burnout, direct reading of measurement, saving energy, not polluting the environment, and other significant advantages. A series of Water Jacket Heater Units developed by Zhongshi Pressure Vessels factory have characters such as various kinds, multiple configuration, compact conformation, complete function and wide application range and so on. It is an ideal oil and gas heating equipment with energy-saving and environmental protection. Our Water Jacket Heater is widely used for exploitation and heating of crude oil and natural gas in oil fields and other areas. The use of the product is to be effective, efficient heat transfer, safe and reliable operation, and a significant comprehensive benefit after being put into application.
Technical parameters: product size parameters can be customized according to customer needs.

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