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Air Cannon

Air Cannon
product description:
1、New-fashioned Surfacing Air Cannon
The Air Cannon produced by our factory adopts the brand-new galvanizing craft: The whole set Air Cannon can prevent the cannon body from rust and lengthen the life-span effectively after the new-fashioned galvanizing treatment. Meanwhile, because of the selection of reasonable galvanizing craft parameter, our new-fashioned galvanizing Air Cannon can prevent surface collision and scratch effectively during storage and transport.
2、New-fashioned Grate Cooler Air Cannon
Our company ,based on the principle of "Customer First!”, developed new-fashioned High Temperature Resistant piston-cylinder system considering the special hot environment sintering furnace such as cement preheated, thermal power plant and steel mill; Our cylinder is made of high-performance stainless steel, our piston also uses suitable material and hot treatment, which make our Air Cannon can work under 1000 centigrade degrees.
3、New-fashioned Twin Nipple Air Cannon
Our company rely on many years experience of site use, in-depth study the usage of complicated bunker, combined with our technical strength, developed new-fashioned twin nipple Air Cannon. Two nipples were designed which located respectively at left and right seal heads, furthermore, concurrent control was used, i.e. We can control one single nozzle or control two nozzles at the same time. If it was used in complicated bunker clear process, it can not only reduce cost but also clear effect is obvious.
4、New-fashioned Split Air Cannon
To better the down-hole clear service for the coal mine, our company organizes professionals to go into down-hole of mine, combined practical production demand, we developed new-fashioned split Air Cannon, which solved the limited down-hole space problem for the mine. New-fashioned split Air Cannon can serve several purposes. Nozzles can be installed dispersedly so that the steel pipe can put into various bins, meanwhile, cannon body can be fixed at porthole or suitable place, and it is very convenient for down-hole work.
5、New-fashioned Mould Bowl Air Cannon
In the bunker with a large number of powder material , its stuff has large amount of dust.It is easy to reach cylinder through the barrel, influence the movements of the piston in the air cylinder, causing card phenomenon. To solve this problem,our company developed the mould bowl Air Cannon on the basis of existing products, it can solve the the effluence of  smashed material and dust effectively.
6、Newfashioned Stainless Steel Air Cannon
Air Cannon is made of whole high-performance stainless steel ,with full craft,  can improve every performance index of the Air Cannon. Designed primarily to applicable special devices such as the large-scale flour mill, pharmaceutical factory, feed mill, food processing factory, etc.
7、Categories of Air Cannon
Because the Air Cannon is applicable in extensive range, the applicable environmental condition is complicated, install space varies much. Our company produces and develops serial A type, B type, C type Air Cannon according to national relevant regulations. Users can choose suitable types as per the location and space of bunker.
8、Newfashioned Hydraulic Cleaner
Newfashioned Hydraulic Cleaner developed by our company has logic control function aimed at feeder machine and material hopper ,meanwhile,this equipment is also Electric-Hydraulic-Automatic mechatronics cleaner .It plays a positive role in preventing the boiler from fire and protecting feed machine, abrasive machine
The Air Cannon and Cleaner Equipment developed by our company have most advanced workmanship in China , at the same time,the most automatic production line was introduced.Furthermore, we have the most complete technology researching and developing, management team. Our company has perfect R&D staff and management team.Our company possesses  perfect domestic and international instructors and after-sales service,as well as lowest price advantage.
Technical parameters:

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