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Cup packer

Product Description:
The cup packer is a special kind packer that designed for the demand of on-site well situation .Due to the oil surface is shallow ,other tools do not have the better sealing capacity ,however the cup packer can solve this problem .The cup packer is a kind of self-sealing packer ,seal the oil sleeve annulus by means of the surface of packing leather and casing inner wall ,the packing leather stretch sealing annulus under the action of the pressure difference in the well,only endure the larger pressure difference in unidirection.The key part of cup packer is cone cup, it is formed by valcanization with the rubber on the metallic framework,lowering into the wall with other downhole tool ,when the tools reach the designed postion, they can seal by means of the contraction of the packer leather and inner wall of casing  and the pressure difference,pull up the tubular column directly to relieve the sealing dureing the well reparing.the cup packer our company manufactured adopt the high abasive resistance    pack leather which use the manganese steel as framework as sealing element .It has the feature of long duration and simple structure ,easy operation and the practicability is perfect.

Technical Parameter:
1.Connecting thread: 2 7/8TBG;
2.Maximum outer diameter of packer leather: Φ129mm;
3.M aximum sealing load: 35Mpa;
4.Maximum landing depth:1000m
5.Number of cup:two,three and so on.

Y211 series mechanical packer

Product Description:
Y211 series cup packer is used for the oilfield’s technical pipe column of fracture , acidification ,oil extraction,water injection,testing for oil and measurement ,etc.
If need to withstand higher press difference, it should be used with hydraulic anchor.
Principle:Setting:Lift the tubular column according to the needed setting height ,then lower the tubular column ,the wiper block appress the inner wall of casing under the action of spring,when put up the pipe column,the centilizer part of packer and track central pipe engender the relative displacement.Thereby, slip ring pin move along with the track groove of track central pipe,from the top dead center of short slot to the top dead center of elongated slot ,the slips stretch along the conical surface of the cone,fix it on the casing wall .
In the mean time, the setting pin is cut off under the action of regular gravity of pipe column,upper ball joint and track central pipe descend together,compress rubber barrel, so that the diameter of rubber barrel will become larger ,and segregate the annulus space of oil and casing.
Deblocking:lift the tubular column,upper ball joint ascend,the rubber barrel will withdraw the deblocking,slip ring pin move to the bottom dead centre ,the cone body will retreat from slips, slips take back unfreezing.
Main features:
1)easy operation,high endurability,and could be used in the deep well .
2)simple structure,reliable capacity .
3)smoothly up and lower,midway setting is not suitable .
4)It contains two kinds of packer ,which are dual-packer and three-packer.

Y341 series hydraulic packer

Product Description:
Y341 series cup packer is a downhole tool which is mainly used for the seperated layer water injection, high-pressure water injection, acidification and squeeze.
Principle: Y341 series cup packer is made up of actuating unit, sealing assembly,setting locking system, flush valve assembly, Deblocking orgnization,when seal the packer,high pressure liquid promote well flushing plunger ,seal the well flushing passage of the internal and external central tube,simutaneously promote the setting plunger go up,it also has plunger lock set and the rubber drum radial deformation of Rubber tube holder upward compression ,in the mean time, Snap ring into the sawtooth of lock sleeve.lock the radial deformation barrel ,let the packer seal the casing annulus space all the time.
During the inverse well-flushing, wellhead high pressure fluid effect on the well washing plunger by means of inlet opening which is above the sealing section, lower the well flushing plunger ,open the well flushing passage,the high pressure water enter into the oil sleeve annular space which is beneath of sealing rubber barrel through the passage of Inside and outside center tube,back to the ground from pipeline through the bottom ball seat.
Deblocking: lift tubular column, then the deblocking is achieved.

Main features:
1) Y341 series cup packer can supply circulate setting.
2) Y341 series cup packer add the balance piston.

Technical Parameter:

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